Bunion Painless Surgery

A New Surgical Technique Eliminates Pain From Bunions — Without A Trip To The Hospital

Many people walk with pain because they are not aware of the new surgical procedures that will help them. In fact, both men and women who suffer from painful foot conditions are forced to curtail their activities. They forego exercise, social plans with friends and family, and sometimes give up stimulating jobs in favor of desk work.

With Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS), Patients are able to walk right after surgery

The main reason for this is fear. People are afraid of surgery and of hospitals. They worry that a large surgical procedure will put them out of commission, make them bedridden, and chew up their sick leave.

Modern technology has given medicine an opportunity to forge ahead at a rapid rate, solving problems and creating miracles where previously there was no hope. One of these developments is in the field of foot surgery and is called Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS).

With the use of specially-designed instruments, your foot surgeon can now perform an entire surgical procedure on your foot through a very small opening. Developed over forty five years ago by pioneers in the field of foot surgery — and scrutinized by scores of experts since then — MIS is now being successfully used throughout the country to surgically correct painful:

  • Bunions
  • Bone spurs
  • Corns (which are actually caused by small bone spurs)
  • Hammer Toes

A Hospital Visit Is Unnecessary

Before, surgery required an inpatient or outpatient hospital visit. Patients could anticipate a good deal of discomfort and a slow recovery. With Minimal Incision Surgery, you can expect:

  • Few or no stitches
  • No casts or crutches
  • Less pain
  • A convenient office procedure

The following diagrams show the difference in incision size:

Some People Don’t Know They’ve Had Surgery At All

Because a MIS procedure is such an easy one, some people think they haven’t had surgery at all and tend to overdo. As with all surgery, your surgeon will give you post-operative instructions that may include:

  • Limited activity for 2-3 days
  • Baths instead of showers to keep the incision dry
  • A surgical shoe to protect the foot

Why Insurance Policies Like Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS)

Minimal Incision Surgery carries much less risk of complications and can be completed in our office. Thus, it is a cost-saving procedure and is readily approved by most insurance companies, including Medicare.

When You Need Dr. Gregory Teles’ Help

Dr. Gregory Teles is one of a select group of surgeons who are board certified by the
APMSB (American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry) to perform Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS). During his externship, Dr. Teles had the distinction of training under Dr. Al Brown, the inventor of numerous Minmal Incision Surgery (MIS) techniques.

With over 30 years of experience with Minimal Incision Surgery, Dr. Teles uses this procedure whenever feasible. His goal is to make your experience a positive and comfortable one.

Services offered:

Painless anesthesia: Many patients fear foot surgery not because of the procedure, but because of the anesthesia needle. We use a new instrument called the Dermajet that uses air pressure to place xylocaine (a light anesthetic) into the foot. A normal injection can then be done; in which the patient feel virtually nothing.

Second opinions: If you are considering foot surgery, it is reasonable for you to also investigate the possibility of Minimal Incision Surgery. While Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS) cannot be used for all procedures, it can be offered to a majority of people.

Complimentary Consultation: Dr. Teles is conservative in his approach. He makes liberal use of educational material and leaves the final decision about surgery up to his patients. Dr. Teles offers a complimentary consultation for patients considering Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS), so that all options can be explored.

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