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CLEARANAIL® LATEST TREATMENT FOR THICK FUNGAL TOENAILS our doctors are the First Podiatrists on the West Coast to be trained and to perform the CLEARANAIL® procedure.
Clearanail is an exciting new product for treating Fungal Nails (Onychomycosis). Clearanail is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) that makes tiny holes in the nail plate. The holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentration levels than otherwise possible.

Fast; results are usually visible in 2-8 weeks

Single treatment

Effective; holes greatly increase the efficacy of treatments CMP prevents injury to soft tissue ‘Only the nail is penetrated’
Simple to use ‘Fully automated fail safe system’
Single use component to prevent cross-infection


CLEARANAIL® Before & After

CLEARANAIL® Testimonials


What is Clearanail?

Clearanail is a treatment for Fungal Nails.

What are Fungal Nails?

Fungal nail (known as Onychomycosis) is the same fungal infection as Athlete’s Foot which has become established under the toenail.

What is special about the Clearanail Treatment?

The Clearanail treatment produces micro holes through the nail to allow antifungal medication to reach the infection.

Why are Fungal Nails difficult to treat?

Antifungal solutions applied to the nail cannot penetrate the nail easily.

How big are the holes?

Very small, they are 0.4 mm in diameter
(about the same width as four human hairs)

How long does the treatment take?

Approximately half an hour to make the holes.

How many treatments are required?

Our doctors will need to make the holes once. They will want to see you a few more times to ensure that the treatment is successful.

How is the antifungal solution applied?

This depends upon what treatment our doctors recommend, but we often recommended to be sprayed onto the nail twice daily.

How quickly will it work?

A visible improvement will usually be seen in the nail in just 2-8 weeks.

How long is the treatment period?

The spray may be applied for up to four months.

Does it hurt?

No, you usually won’t feel anything because the device is computer controlled to ensure that it does not damage the nail bed.

CLEARANAIL® Before & After

CLEARANAIL® Testimonials

Can you imagine my discomfort, a podiatrist with onychomycosis to both big toes! I had tried numerous topical treatments, and marginal initial improvements were never sustained. From listening to my patients I understood that Laser treatments were prohibitively expensive and likely to fail. I first read about Clearanail in Podiatry Now. I was so impressed that I ordered one straight away and I was my first patient. I used one micro-applicator on my big toenails and applied Lamisil twice daily.

My enthusiasm for this product and evidence of its effectiveness has led to over 50 patients opting for Clearanail treatment. The results have been excellent but there have been a few instances where re-treating has been necessary due to poor self-application of Lamisil in either frequency or technique – I had one Lady who sprayed the Lamisil onto her fingers and then rubbed this onto nail plate despite showing her the correct way to apply! To other practitioners I would recommend Clearanail; it is affordable, clinically effective and produces a good income stream. Happy patients have led to recommendations and a steady stream of people opting for this treatment.

Mark Kelly, Sandhurst Foot Clinic Ltd

I have accomplished astonishing results with my patients.
I’m so proud of what i have achieved with thanks to Clearanail. I was very pleased with the information given on the Patient Guidance and the Clearanail part of my business just seems to get better and better.

Sara Leal, Foot Health Practitioner

I’m thrilled and so happy with the result as the treatment did not cost me a fortune although I had already spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter products. Finally something that does actually work, I can’t wait to show my feet off next summer for the first time in years. No more hiding them away there is an an answer to embarrassing toenails.

Mr Del Birch

The Benefits

  • Affordable For Patients
  • Time- Saving.
  • Clinically Proven Treatment
  • Easy to track with photo evidence, for patient & clinician
  • A Great British Innovation

If you or a loved one is in need of Clear a Nail and treatment services, please do not hesitate to contact us at All South Bay Footcare. We would be more than happy to help you through this difficult time.