How the Footmaxx System Works: a patient’s perspective

Footmaxx is a young, dynamic Canadian company offering the only truly computerized system for fabricating prescription foot orthotics. In less than two years, we have become the largest supplier of orthotics in Canada and we are proud to say that 27 of 28 Major League Baseball teams and 13 National Football League teams wear our product.

Orthotics are customized insoles worn in any type of shoe and they correct the way a patient walks. If a patient is walking incorrectly, their entire body can be out of alignment causing all types of problems including foot, ankle, leg, hip, and lower back pain. A 5-minute gait and pressure analysis test will tell you if you are a candidate for orthotics. Orthotics are covered by most insurance plans because insurance companies know the value of orthotic therapy in the prevention and treatment of many conditions that can lend to short-term or even long-term disability claims. Find a practitioner near you to get your gait and pressure analysis test.

Step One:

The patient walks across the Footmaxx force plate which contains 960 capacitance points and is scanned by a computer 30 times per second allowing for 3/100 second interval analysis of each footstep.

Step Two:

The clinician reviews preliminary test results with the patient explaining the gait line and the 2D and 3D images.


For more severe conditions, the clinician provides additional patient information concerning diagnosis or specifies additional posting instructions by using various exam screens in the Footmaxx software.

Step Three:

The clinician then sends the patient file to Footmaxx via modem requesting a Gait & Pressure Analysis Report and/or prescription orthotics.

Step Four:

At the lab, the patient’s file is analyzed by the Footmaxx proprietary software, Metascan™, from which a Gait and Pressure Analysis Report is generated and, if necessary, a prescription for orthotics is specified.

Step Five:

The manufacturing process begins with a specification sheet generated by Metascan™ which is coupled with any additional instructions indicated by the medical practitioner. A semi-rigid orthotic module is intrinsically posted which means that the angle and height of the arch of the orthotic module is formed and molded based on the prescription needed to correct the patient’s abnormal biomechanics. Intrinsic posting is the secret that makes Footmaxx orthotics thin and easy to wear in any type of shoe.

Step Six:

When extrinsic posting is specified by a clinician (or Metascan™), Footmaxx offers the same types of materials and modifications available from any podiatry lab. Extrinsic posting includes any additional materials that must be added to the orthotic module to help correct abnormal biomechanics.

The orthotic is finished with a top cover, a covering piece of material that absorbs perspiration or odor. Then it is smoothed and sanded so that it fits comfortably and easily in the patient’s shoes.

Step Seven:

Within just days of receiving an orthotic order via modem, the customization process is complete and the orthotics are sent to the Quality Control Department where they are carefully checked against the Metascan™ prescription and the clinician’s instructions.

Step Eight:

Once the orthotics are approved by quality control, they are shipped to the clinician via 2-day courier. Digital patient data is permanently stored at Footmaxx making patient progress easier to track; a feature that only Footmaxx can offer.

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